Text Box: Fundamentals of Davis     Dyslexia Correction Workshop
17—20 May 2008
Addington, Kent

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Training for primary teachers.



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Ronald D. Davis, “The Gift of Dyslexia


Ronald D. Davis, “The Gift of Learning


Abigail Marshall, “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Dyslexia


“The Gift of Dyslexia” on audio CD


“The Gift of Dyslexia” on audio tape


Video: “Dyslexia – The Gift


ReadOn software


Alphabet strips


Numeral strips


Punctuation booklets


Letter recognition cards


Pronunciation Key – Speech Sounds


Newplast clay (500g)


Webster’s Children’s Dictionary


Koosh balls


“Speed” Card Game


“Dots” Card Game


“Learning With a Difference” Polyester kit bags


Davis® Symbol Mastery Kit

includes manual, laminated alphabet strip, laminated numeral strip, letter recognition cards, Webster’s Children’s Dictionary (hardcover), grammar book, Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet, 2 blocks of clay, 2 koosh balls, laminated Symbol Mastery Steps, laminated Stop Signs in Reading chart, polyester kit bag


Davis® Young Learner Kit

includes Comprehensive Instruction Manual, Reusable Modelling Clay (I kg.) , Clay Cutter, Webster's Children's Dictionary - (Hardcover), grammar book, Punctuation Marks & Styles Booklet , 2 Koosh Balls, Letter Recognition Cards, Laminated Alphabet Strip, Stop Signs for Reading Chart, polyester kit bag