Text Box: Fundamentals of Davis     Dyslexia Correction Workshop
17—20 May 2008
Addington, Kent

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Training for primary teachers.



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Davis® Maths Mastery


DavisŇ Maths Mastery provides tools to correct problems learning maths. These learning problems are sometimes called dyscalculia. They can often accompany dyslexia and ADD symptoms, although there are also cases where the difficulties are only with maths.

The Davis approach goes to the root issues that cause some people to have problems understanding and learning maths with traditional teaching methods. Visual-spatial thinkers are often confused by the words and symbols which describe maths functions. When the foundation concepts for understanding all mathematics are mastered, learning maths becomes easy.

Like Davis Dyslexia Correction, the first step in Davis Maths Mastery is to enable children and adults to control disorientation. Once students can be sure that their perceptions are accurate, they can resolve any confusions about maths with methods that build upon their creative and imaginative strengths.

Davis Maths Mastery is typically provided in a 5-day intensive programme format.

For clients with other learning problems, such as with reading or attention focus, the Davis Maths Mastery programme may be recommended after first completing a basic five-day Davis Dyslexia Correction programme. An initial consultation and interview would determine the ideal strategy.

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