Text Box: Fundamentals of Davis     Dyslexia Correction Workshop
17ó20 May 2008
Addington, Kent

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Training for primary teachers.



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Licensed Affiliate of Davis Dyslexia Association International

Comments from trainees about the Davis Training Programmes


Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction Workshop

 An extremely enlightening, well-presented workshop - I want to go and use the tools.

 I feel inspired and enthusiastic.

 This could be the beginning of the tidal wave of change.

 This workshop seems to offer tools to help dyslexics manage and even overcome those aspects of their condition which cause difficulty.

 I was never bored.

 Great, confusing, enlightening!† Canít wait to do more of the training if I am accepted

 Overall excellent, practical, experiential learning.


Practice Meeting

 Brilliant way to consolidate the knowledge gained from the Fundamentals workshop.

 My knowledge is growing along with my enthusiasm.

 I learned a lot and want to learn more about the Davis methods.

 The last four days have been a life changing experience.

 I left the meeting feeling I had made the right decision and that I was receiving training to be able to eventually become an effective Facilitator.

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