Text Box: Fundamentals of Davis     Dyslexia Correction Workshop
17ó20 May 2008
Addington, Kent

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Training for primary teachers.



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Comments from clients, parents and teachers about the Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme


Since my Davis programme I feel more confident. I can read faster now, so I finish books faster, and I can write faster as well. I have gone up to a higher group in English and I am finding it quite easy there.

- Boy, aged 10


I feel a lot better in myself. I enjoy reading now, and I remember what I have read. My focus has improved, and so has my intuition. And my headaches have gone. I feel a different person and would recommend the programme to anybody.

- Housewife, 41


The programme changed my life. I used to feel that being dyslexic was a real burden. Now I feel I can do anything I want to in life.

- Gardener, 24


He is much more focused, his handwriting has improved and he understands oral instructions better. His nervous twitch has disappeared and above all, he understands himself better.

- teacher about pupil,11


The results were brilliant. He has moved to the top set for all his subjects.

- parent of 11-year-old, 1 year after the programme


I feel so relaxed after this week. I have realised my own resources and feel more comfortable with spelling, answering of emails, and my handwriting has improved. Amazingly, I discovered the link between my inability to pronounce certain words and my dyslexia. My family canít believe that Iím now saying all those words correctly.

- computer programmer, 23

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