Davis Life Concepts for Autism

A 40-hour workshop in transforming lives with the Davis methods

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This workshop has been specifically created for parents, family members and support persons of individuals over the age of 8 with ASD, as well as individuals on the autism spectrum who are looking for a self-development programme.


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The Davis Life Concepts for Autism workshop has been created to provide meaningful solutions for you or someone who you are supporting.

In this five-day workshop, you will be introduced to the gentle, non-invasive Davis Autism Approach® and be guided on a journey to understanding the Life Concepts created by Ron Davis and outlined in the book, 'Autism and the Seeds of Change.'

The workshop gives participants the training and materials required to take a loved one through the Davis Life Concepts for Autism programme, including:

- A set of simple, effective self-management strategies, that enable you to manage stress, control energy levels, and maintain focus.

- How to achieve Individuation – helping your loved one to develop accurate perception and an awareness of self.

- Gaining practical experience in using clay to explicitly teach the Davis Life Concepts for Autism. These include: consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder - facilitating true understanding of one's environment. Other concepts covered include: emotion, want, need, motivation, and responsibility. There is also a set of Relationship Concepts which include exploring relationships based on trust, belief, agreement and rules; as well as the idea of making decisions based on what is good, bad, right and wrong.

- Developing a knowledge base of how to integrate these concepts into your loved one’s daily life.

- Creating a support network.         


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