Fundamentals of Davis® Dyslexia Correction Workshop
4—7 November 2008
West Malling, Kent
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Fundamentals of Davis® Dyslexia Correction

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Course Outline

(subject to minor changes)


Background and development of the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Procedures
Research and discovery. The “gifts” of dyslexia. Anatomy and developmental stages of a learning disability. Overview of the steps for dyslexia correction.
Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment
(a screening for dyslexic learning styles)
Demonstration and Practice Session
Symptoms Profile Interview
(used to assess symptoms, strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and establish motivation)
Demonstration and Practice Session


Q & A Session
Davis Orientation Counselling
(methods to control, monitor and turn off perceptual distortion)
What is Orientation? Demonstration and Practice Session
Release Procedure
(method for alleviating stress and headaches)
(an alternative to Orientation Counselling)
What is Alignment? How is it used? Group Demonstration
Dial-Setting Procedure
(a method for controlling energy level and ADD symptoms)


Q and A Session
Orientation Review Procedure
(a method for checking orientation skills)
Demonstration and practice session
Davis Symbol Mastery
What is Symbol Mastery? Why clay?
Mastering Basic Language Symbols
Demonstrations and Group Exercise
Reading Improvement Exercises
Spell-Reading. Sweep-Sweep-Spell. Picture-at-Punctuation
Davis Facilitator Licensing Programme


Q & A Session
Fine-Tuning Procedure
(checking and adjusting orientation using balance)
Symbol Mastery Exercises for Words
Demonstrations, Group Exercises and Sessions
Implementing the Davis Procedures

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