Comments about the Davis Methods


Since my Davis programme I feel more confident. I can read faster now, so I finish books faster, and I can write faster as well. I have gone up to a higher group in English and I am finding it quite easy there.

boy, aged 10


I feel a lot better in myself. I enjoy reading now, and I remember what I have read. My focus has improved, and so has my intuition. And my headaches have gone. I feel a different person and would recommend the programme to anybody.

housewife, 41


The programme changed my life. I used to feel that being dyslexic was a real burden. Now I feel I can do anything I want to in life.

gardener, 24


He is much more focused, his handwriting has improved and he understands oral instructions better. His nervous twitch has disappeared and above all, he understands himself better.

teacher about pupil,11


The results were brilliant. He has moved to the top set for all his subjects.

parent of 11-year-old, 1 year after the programme

I feel so relaxed after this week. I have realised my own resources and feel more comfortable with spelling, answering of emails, and my handwriting has improved. Amazingly, I discovered the link between my inability to pronounce certain words and my dyslexia. My family can’t believe that I’m now saying all those words correctly.

computer programmer, 23


''Thank you for showing him how to achieve by himself, for giving confidence and a higher self-esteem, for making our son believe in himself.’

mother of 8-year-old with autistic tendencies


‘You have sown an important seed which will help him blossom into a self-aware and empowered person. Thank you for sharing your gift with our family.’

mother of 8-year-old, 6 months after programme


I feel more in the moment and alive. The programme has given me a better understanding of myself than 5 years of psychology.

2 months later:

I want to thank you for the course, which is benefiting me hugely at the moment. At last I know for sure that I am neither stupid nor lazy.

24-year-old doing MA in psychology


All my life people have treated me like a Third World country. They gave me fish and said ‘eat’. You taught me how to fish and I have come back to thank you for it.

19-year-old, 1 year after programme


Since Sam did the Davis programme with you there has been a steady and consistent improvement in every aspect  of Sam's school work.

If I compare (which I normally don't do) the other dyslexic children in the class with Sam, I believe that Sam has gone from strength to strength and is now well on the way to being a corrected dyslexic.  Sam's success at school (thus far) and his overall confidence and happiness is due to completing the Davis programme.  We are delighted with the outstanding improvements and can't imagine where he would be having not completed the programme.  Sam continues  to do the clay modelling and is determined to finish; he is now on the home straight and looks forward to receiving another certificate from you.

The Davis Programme has been so helpful for Sam that recommending the programme to other parents comes with great enthusiasm and we often find our selves talking 'Davis' socially.

Mother of Sam Bjorklund, aged 12, three years after Sam’s Davis programme


"After I did the course I found I don't get in that much trouble any more. I can be really good without getting into trouble. My confidence is now growing and I am beginning to write so it is easier to read, and I am finding school work easier."

N*****, aged 13,
10 weeks after his Davis Programme.

His dad says:

"Since coming to you, N***** is now beginning to manage his life in a more positive way. His understanding of what is right and wrong has greatly improved. He has come along in leaps and bounds with his reading and writing, also the school are seeing great improvements in his behaviour in general.”


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