The Advanced Davis Methods Workshop

The Advanced Davis Methods Workshop

The Advanced Davis Methods Workshop focuses on dyscalculia (maths difficulties), dysgraphia (handwriting difficulties) and “Attention Deficit Disorder”.

You will be introduced to Davis Concept Mastery and how to apply this technique to concepts such as change, consequence, time, sequence, order and disorder. These concepts are the foundation for the mastery of mathematical processes and equations. They additionally form a crucial part of the process of AD(H)D correction.

You will become acquainted with the Davis Maths Function Exercises.  These twelve exercises quickly lead to competency with dividing three-digit numbers including decimals and fractions.

The workshop covers the primary reasons why handwriting difficulties can develop in picture thinkers and presents a number of simple but effective techniques for their resolution.

You will also be introduced to Davis Auditory Orientation and Fine Tuning, a powerful tool for the correction of language problems.


Who Should Attend

Teachers · SENCOs · Special Needs Support Staff · Tutors · Psychologists · Counsellors · Speech therapists · Occupational Therapists · Trainers · Researchers · Career Guidance Counsellors · Parents · Anyone interested in helping others correct their dyslexia  ·  Those intending to train as Licensed Davis Dyslexia Programme Facilitators


Prerequisites for Attendance

Successful completion of the following training steps:-

· Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

· Basic Assignments

· Basic Practice Meeting

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