Meet the Davis Learning Foundation team

Davis Learning Foundation Director

Richard Whitehead, MA MPhil (Oxon), PGCE, Dip.RSA(SpLD), AMBDA, SpLD APC (Patoss)
Licensed Davis Dyslexia Programme Specialist

Davis Programme Facilitators

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Our Directors

Richard Whitehead
Davis Supervisor-Specialist
Advanced Workshop Presenter

Davis Learning Strategies Workshop Presenter and Mentor Trainer

Richard Whitehead is a practising Davis® Facilitator with an academic background in languages and linguistics, extensive experience in teaching and education, and a keen interest in holistic therapies. He is author of "Why 'Tyrannosaurus' But Not 'If'?", a 15-part online course for teachers of struggling learners.

Margarita Whitehead
Davis Facilitator

Margarita has been a Davis Programme Facilitator since 2004. A qualified homoeopath, she originally became a Davis Facilitator out of a general interest in holistic methods for both health and learning.Her native language is Russian; she has worked as a lecturer in higher education and has a background in economics and occupational psychology.

Davis Learning Foundation
47 - 49 Church Street, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 2AA
Tel: +44 (0)330 001 0680

The Davis methods worldwide

Davis Learning Foundation is a trading name of Create-A-Word, a non-profit company limited by guarantee Company no. 4803526, Directors: Richard Whitehead, Margarita Whitehead

Professional services described as Davis®, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery®, Davis Orientation Counseling®, and Davis Math Mastery® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International. Commercial use of the trademark Davis Learning Strategies® for the purposes of training and mentoring teachers requires licensing by the trademark owner, Ronald D. Davis.